Currently I’m humbled and inspired by Mayor John Fetterman of Braddock, Pennsylvania. The mayor spoke about his mission to improve the community of Braddock, and how a KaBOOM! playground has helped him in that mission. 

Google him my friends. He’s an amazing man.

He’s frank, honest, and looks like the toughest SOB you’ve ever seen, but the work he has done for Braddock so far is so inspiring. Braddock’s history isn’t to dissimilar to Detroit’s. My eyes just wouldn’t stop producing tears as he talked about how the playground has changed his community and the positive impact he’s making in a city that was, literally, falling apart.

It’s caused my Detroit guilt to flare up again— the feeling that I, as an educated and passionate young man, should have stayed in Detroit to help the city bring itself back up, instead of leaving the town to create a life for me and Shannon. 

It’s not even so much about what he’s done, it’s how he has done it. He told us how he picks up the majority of the liter in his city. He mows the lawns around the playground. If the lawn mower breaks, he mows it. His philosphy on governing came fom his football coach, ”If you get lost and don’t know what to do, just hit something with a different colored jersey.”

  1. playmixt said: That dude is indeed awesome. He’s been on Bill Maher’s show a few times and there was an inspiring article on him & Braddock a year or 2 ago in Wired that’s worth seeking out.
  2. jen22201 said: DC needs you too.
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