Next up in this year’s film fest… Amazing Spider-man 2!!!

What I thought:

  • Way better than I expected.
  • In fact, it was really good.
  • The CGI looks like shit on TV. On screen, looks fantastic.
  • Lots of world building. A smidge too much.
  • Laughs. Tears. Gasps. 
  • Peter and Gwen are the highlight, but Jamie Foxx is great too.

What kittykittybangbang thought:

  • It was fine.
  • Too long.
  • Marc Webb couldn’t frame a shot to save his life.

This was the 7 movie in our year of movies. At the 18th week of the year, and 7 movies below our belt, that puts us at about 2-3 movies behind.

Godzilla is next, although I’ve been told I might like Only Lover’s Left Alive.